CNC Router For Sale

What it is : A CNC Router with a cutting area approximately 24 by 48 inches. Chain drive.
I built the router from the original build your cnc router book, Once that was complete, I purchased the dxf files to cut the parts for the blackTOE CNC router
control components: 3-Axis-Monster-Hybrid-Stepper-Motor-Driver-Kit

  • 3x ProboStep VX Uni-polar Stepper Motor Driver
  • 3x HT23-400-8 400ozin Stepper Motor
  • PBX-2 Parallel Port Breakout Board
  • 6ft. DB25 Male-to-Male Cable
  • 3x 4" IDC Cable 10-pin
  • 40VDC 10Amp Linear Power Supply

The Router is a porter cable router Model 8902
This model is not available any more but here is a similar one: amazon link
I also include for the router very low run-out "ultra precision" collets for 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 inch shaft bits. link to collet site
This also includes:

  • PC currently running windows XP
  • Mach3 software license.
  • CamBam software license.

Why am I selling it? I need the space in my garage shop back to do other stuff in.
How long have I had it? I built it in 2011 Asking for : $2100 or make an offer

Photos and Videos of the machine in action

this is one of the first movements of the machine:

Here the machine is cutting a sign

Here's a video of that same sign being cut

Calibrating the Y axis with a large vernier caliper. This is how the steps per inch set in the software are calculated.

Here is a pen attachment I made for the machine to draw with a sharpie on paper

Here it is cutting some test joints

More machine detail images

This video shows some initial test movements

Here it is cutting a QR code. a failed experiment.

I think this is cutting out a box. It shows the chain drive details